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The love you can't have -- LASTS the longest and HURTS the most But it's better to have LOVED and LOST than never to have loved at all...

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Left it Without A Heart Beat

I trusted you with my heart. But why? What did you do to it? My heart so precious and fragile. You said you will never hurt it, You said you will take care of it, But why? What did you do with my heart? You said you will cherish it, Take it to bed until... Continue Reading →

A Game

We met online in a world of fantasy, A game that was new to me, It was just a game, But you made it more fun for me. We became lovers in this game, What the heck! It was my first time, Marrying someone I haven't met, But in the process, We made progress, My... Continue Reading →

Worthless Words

No matter how many times you say, "I love you". No matter how many times you say, "I miss you". No matter how many times you say, "I want to hug you". No matter how many times you say those to me. It doesn't matter anymore, Knowing those words are make-believe, To make me fall... Continue Reading →

Totally Fooled

A mistake you thought of me,  A love that was full of lies,  A happiness turned to sadness,  A heart healed then broken. Your cute face,  Your sweet voice,  Your lovely words, but I was totally fooled.  You gave me so much love, You said I was your happiness, You made me believed those words,... Continue Reading →

Funny Thought

Thought of the day :  I was just thinking how I was able to let my guard down.. Silly me... I was smitten and totally fooled by you... Lesson learned, never trust anyone.. Don't lower your standards in meeting people or you might end up hurting yourself.. But life goes on, I am not gonna... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Move On

Stop adding bruises and pain, I feel like I'm getting insane. Don't add disappointment to every word you say. Whenever we talk, it ends up with a sad look at my face.   I'm already ashamed. Why can't you do the same? You let me wander in vain, I guess you have nothing left to... Continue Reading →


I want to say sorry to myself. For I have let you down countless times. I was drawn by evil. I was vulnerable and fell in the trap. I ask myself for forgiveness. For I repeated the mistake twice. I don't know how to stop this madness.   Realization is always late. I don't know why... Continue Reading →

Unlucky with Love

I don't have that brave soul anymore. I lost it when things gone wrong. This life of mine is meant to fall. What have I done wrong? Maybe I was born with this curse. My past life could have done worst. UNLUCKY with LOVE.  My World seems to be so small. 

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